CirrusWorks is the leader in dynamic bandwidth management. The CirrusWorks Governor optimizes traffic during peak congestion periods to ensure fast and reliable internet performance for all users, all the time. Only CirrusWorks employs AutoAlgorithms™ that adapt to unpredictable traffic patterns in real time, without the need to configure any rules or policies. CirrusWorks is enabling organizations across all verticals to improve network performance and avoid costly bandwidth upgrades simply, efficiently and effectively.


CirrusWorks’ approach to the bandwidth congestion problem is radically different than traditional technologies. Rather than try and discern secrets from the user payload data with deep packet inspection, CirrusWorks arbitrates Internet congestion as it occurs by making the best decisions possible based purely upon the available bandwidth and the activities and instantaneous data demands of the users. The Governor dynamically reprioritizes traffic without the difficulties associated with establishing, maintaining and tuning programmatic rule sets.


With its patent-pending AutoAlgorithims™, CirrusWorks maintains asynchronous (upstream and downstream) statistics on user behavior without need to look at the user data payload (deep packet inspection) at any level in the OSI stack. By simply understanding the succession of transmission/reception, gross packets and packet volumes over a historical period at L2 (the Data Link Layer), the algorithm knows enough about what each user is doing, how they vary from the average user and if or how they are impacting the QoS of others and can then apply appropriate bandwidth allocation to each user.


CirrusWorks replaces inefficient and ineffective packet shaping and traffic shaping rules and policies with statistical and mathematical methods that effectively and automatically define a user’s transmission profile. Priorities among the users are dynamically established and the algorithm will momentarily demote users who have a recent history of using large amounts of bandwidth over the sampling period. This in turn will promote traffic that is bursty, transient or transactional in nature. We haven’t created more bandwidth. But at every instant, we are ensuring a best-fit use of the bandwidth that we have available – without on-going management.


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