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Customer testimonials
  1. "In times of peak Internet usage, the Governor™ smoothed out internet traffic and improved performance and speed for our members."

    - Ryan Macaulay, CTO, MakeOffices
  2. "The Governor™ uses software to replace costly configuration and management protocols, making it measurably easier, cheaper and more effective to install and control Internet congestion."

    - John Miller, IT Operations Manager, Sapp Bros
  3. "CirrusWorks is managing data flows in microseconds, and dynamically allocating bandwidth to users based on real-time availability. It tames the hogs, so everyone gets a fair share of bandwidth during peak periods"

    - Director of Infrustrature and Web Applications, Elmhurst College
  4. "The results from The Governor™ have been measurable, with service complaints virtually disappearing upon installation. Also important to us, ongoing management and upgrade configuration are not required, freeing up personnel resources and allowing for future upgrades."

    - Jeff Harris, Network Administrator, Lynchburg College
  5. "CirrusWorks is taking snapshots of the data flows in microseconds, and then dynamically assigning bandwidth to users in proportion to their requirements relative to the entire group. It's a type of crowd control for busy WiFi networks."

    - Mike Robinson, Network Administrator, Marietta College