Solution Briefs

CirrusWorks for Higher Education

Student demand for bandwidth is exploding. Nowhere is this need more acute than in college dorms, on the campus Residential Network (ResNet). Upon arrival, students bring every device imaginable to their residence facility, and expect consistent, reliable Internet performance at all hours of the day and night. All of these devices compete for bandwidth with some grabbing as much as possible. CirrusWorks is alleviating frustration and improving the on-campus housing experience with faster internet for students. Read More


CirrusWorks for K12 Education

The way students learn in the classroom has evolved considerably. With tight budgets and IT resources, schools have struggled to provide an acceptable level of bandwidth to students and faculty during peak periods, often causing delays in online testing, or making students wait to upload or download assignments in the classroom. Read More


CirrusWorks for Hospitality

Guests consistently rank quality Internet near the top of their list of critical services provided by hotels. However, providing a high quality, readily available, fast internet experience is becoming increasingly expensive and complex. Learn more about how CirrusWorks helps increase customer satisfaction. Read More




White Papers

Internet Bandwidth Congestion and Optimization

The problem of bandwidth congestion has existed as long as there have been networks. The basic ROI premise of any telecommunications network is that the core network facilities are oversubscribed by the edge users of the network. Read More




CirrusWorks Governor Product Guide

A design and solution guide with information about CirrusWorks Governor Product Placement in LAN Topologies, Product Models, Software & Configurations, and LAN Topology Use Cases. Read More