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Get Started with our 30-Day Free Trial

We’re so confident about the Governor that we want you to try it out for free. Simply request a 30-day trial, and our trained experts will walk you through the process. It takes about five minutes, and The Governor starts “learning and optimizing” your network immediately. Once up and running, we can assist you with the User Interface to see the measurable impact and improvement to your network performance.

(as low as $49/month)*
  • Adaptive intelligence adjusts on-demand to changing network conditions
  • 1.0 second granularity into device activity
  • Unlimited device count
  • Up to 250Mbps throughput capacity
(as low as $99/month)*
  • Same as Basic, plus
  • “Fail-open” configuration (no network downtime)
  • Additional management port
  • Up to 500Mbps throughput capacity
(Please contact sales or one of our Value Added Solution Providers for tailored pricing options to fit your business need)
  • Same as Professional, plus
  • Can be configured for complex, multi-Gig networks
  • Up to 1.0Gigbps throughput capacity