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Shared Offices and CirrusWorks

The shared economy is roaring ahead, with co-working offices leading the charge as the new way to work and collaborate. Most co-working venues offer a full host of resources, sometimes including free coffee and beer! But one service stands out as vital to member tenants and is equally frustrating to shared office operators: fast and reliable business Internet.

We have all experienced the problem: too many unknown, unpredictable users on a local network. All it takes are a few “bandwidth hogs” to slow down, drag out or even crash the network. Simple email, basic downloads and latency-sensitive applications like VoIP slow to a crawl because someone is streaming video or updating an operating system. Adding more bandwidth provides temporary relief, but soon the network is quickly saturated from the endless parade of devices, web-based apps and videos.

The CirrusWorks Governor takes a new approach to improving Internet speed and alleviating network congestion. Instead of purchasing excess bandwidth or configuring complex rule sets, the Governor uses mathematical algorithms to automatically adjust bandwidth optimization based on user demand in real time. Because the Governor adjusts network bandwidth dynamically – regardless of what users are doing – it is extremely effective in a shared office/shared network environment.

Benefits at a Glance
  • Improves your existing network performance
  • Automatic updates, configuration and network monitoring
  • Enhances traditional network management tools
  • Lowers cost of bandwidth and IT support


Competitive Internet for Your Shared Office

The leaders in shared office space are attacking the data hogs with the CirrusWorks Governor. The device installs in minutes, does not require any maintenance and costs a fraction of alternatives, immediately improving network performance.

In an industry where reliable Internet is critical to the success and positive experience of your customers, the CirrusWorks Governor system offers peace of mind to co-workers and venue managers alike. By eliminating crashes and dropped Internet sessions, the CirrusWorks Governor allows everyone to focus on what’s really important – their business.

Be Proactive with your Bandwidth Management 

Surveys and studies of shared office space owners, operators, and users have shown that when dealing with server crashes and bottlenecks, the go-to solution is to add another router, access point, or increase bandwidth. This is like putting a band aid on a bullet hole. While these actions may temporarily relieve Internet congestion, they’re destined to soon be overwhelmed as people, devices and apps continue to explode data usage.

The CirrusWorks Governor automatically adjusts bandwidth utilization based on user demand in real time. Traditional packet shaping requires IT staff to predict user behavior. This is nearly impossible when the user base consists of such diverse communities that are seen in co-working offices. Since the Governor adjusts bandwidth dynamically – regardless of what users are doing – it is extremely effective in the shared office environment.


The CirrusWorks Governor next generation bandwidth management device provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces the Need to Add Surplus Bandwidth. Adding too much bandwidth is an expensive, short-term fix that rarely solves the data congestion problem, especially during peak usage periods. CirrusWorks ensures that your available bandwidth, regardless of circuit size, is maximizing its efficiency for all users.
  • Lowers IT Costs. Limited configuration is required in most network environments, making the Governor a good choice for busy IT staff. Advanced users can customize their setup for maximum control. Since the Governor engine automates the process for you, there’s no need for training or dedicated IT staff – saving you time and money. The Governor’s self-learning algorithm even improves network performance over time, making ongoing adjustments unnecessary.
  • Automated and Dynamic. CirrusWorks improves traffic flows by making instantaneous decisions about the optimal prioritization scheme to be applied to the traffic – all in real time. By constantly making “best fit” decisions, traffic becomes normalized and tends to stay optimized – averting the rushes and surges often seen in traditional packet shaping implementations.
  • Augments Traditional Packet Shaping. The CirrusWorks Governor was designed to co-exist with other packet flow devices on your network, including routers, firewalls, gateways, content filters, traffic shapers and L2 or L3 switches. The Governor complements your network, maximizing your previous infrastructure investments, and enables effective rate-capping to ensure guests and staff get the online experience they expect.