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How to help travelers stay connected on the road, and stay on property longer, with great WiFi

The trucking industry is growing, according to a report produced by Road Scholar Transport, driven by interstate commerce and the global supply chain. This means that a growing number of truckers and traveling guests will continue to seek out and rely on Travel Centers as a place to rest, refill and connect with home. Unfortunately, WiFi

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How to tame the Internet hogs at college dorms

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 20 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities in 2016. Pearson states that 90% of students are using a laptop or smartphone on a regular basis. Further, MarketingCharts says each student owns an average of 7 tech devices, making campus Wi-Fi congestion inevitable. This is especially true during

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CirrusWorks versus WAN Optimization

WAN OPTIMIZATION WAN optimization is a collection of techniques for increasing data-transfer efficiencies across wide-area networks. The notion of WAN optimization emerged as a way to “accelerate” certain TCP protocol exchanges between two known endpoints. The fact that TCP is not highly optimized for point-to-point communications is well known, so the industry responded with expensive