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Keeping Up With Dorm Room Wi-Fi Connection Demands

How would you like to have your WiFi network on campus be known as “BU Insecure?” At Bradley University, this nickname has become popular among students for it’s troublesome Wi-Fi network; in this day and age, this is unacceptable. It is no secret that WiFi has become critical to the modern college experience. Whether it

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Is Gigabit Residential Internet a Reality?

At least one ISP is marketing gigabit speed to the home. Or are they? In the past, ISPs have always speed controlled the WAN link to the customer. This gave them the ability to charge higher rates for more speed and capacity. But a move to offering baseline gigabit speed would appear to upset that

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Senior Living Internet – No Longer a Simple Amenity

At CirrusWorks, we build network equipment that dynamically controls bandwidth consumption of competing user devices on a crowded network. By managing data flows by volume, rather than application or content, CirrusWorks mathematically achieves the most fair apportionment of Internet bandwidth among multiple users in real-time. Our product was forged in our long experience delivering Internet

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Key Differences Between General Network Equipment and a Network Performance Platform

A great deal of thought goes into improved internet performance, especially as hotel guests or college students start to complain about it. As you begin to research solutions, you may find yourself wondering what are the key differences between general network equipment such as routers, switches, and access points, and a network performance platform. At

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How to boost GSS scores by over 25%

Customer service in the hospitality industry is everything. It’s critical for both new and repeat business, so it’s necessary to do everything possible to ensure a positive experience for each guest while on-site. But there’s only so much a General Manager (GM) or management group can control. For example, price is driven by the market

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BitTorrent and Its Impact on Network Performance

Bit Torrent is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfer protocol that allows for multiple source locations on an Internet to offer parts or pieces of an overall file download – all aimed at a single destination. It is multiple source, single destination by design. The following link is a good explanation of how the Bit Torrent Protocol

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How to help travelers stay connected on the road, and stay on property longer, with great WiFi

The trucking industry is growing, according to a report produced by Road Scholar Transport, driven by interstate commerce and the global supply chain. This means that a growing number of truckers and traveling guests will continue to seek out and rely on Travel Centers as a place to rest, refill and connect with home. Unfortunately, WiFi

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How to tame the Internet hogs at college dorms

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 20 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities in 2016. Pearson states that 90% of students are using a laptop or smartphone on a regular basis. Further, MarketingCharts says each student owns an average of 7 tech devices, making campus Wi-Fi congestion inevitable. This is especially true during