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Hosted VoIP

Businesses are increasingly using hosted VoIP over shared office IP networks to save time and money in the workplace; the ROI for migration to VoIP is clear and compelling. But there are important considerations in the configuration of the LAN, and more importantly, how the WAN bandwidth is shared among various mission critical applications – including VoIP.

Quality control for VoIP connections is difficult to maintain on shared networks. The time sensitive nature of VoIP transmission is often impacted by other applications or by multiple users. Jitter, stutter, loss and drop outs are a function of poor packet flow and a lack of proper prioritization. Policies and rules help within the LAN. But at the point that the voice traffic begins to share the data path to the WAN, the rules-based logic fails to deliver proper voice QoS.

The CirrusWorks Governor ensures that your business can make excellent quality VoIP calls without being negatively impacted by other users or bandwidth-hostile applications on your shared network. The Governor’s Auto Algorithm™ technology reallocates bandwidth in-real time, favoring narrow bandwidth applications like VoIP.

Office in the Cloud - Microsoft Office 365 ™ & Google Apps ™

Moving to office applications in the cloud brings backup, scalability, mobility, license control and security to your office software suite for your entire organization. But it also moves a great deal of data between each user platform and the cloud servers. This data was previously only housed on the user device, or contained within the limits of the local LAN between client devices and servers.

The move to the cloud makes your office suite a mission-critical WAN-based system. The bandwidth and priority of these applications must be maintained for a quality user experience and to seamlessly sync user devices to the cloud servers.

With the CirrusWorks Governor, your cloud-served office systems will always have a stable, prioritized burst connection. This burst feature expedites the syncing of user device and cloud server in a quick and reliable fashion, while deprioritizing longer session data exchanges as needed to maintain proper QoS.

Client / Server & Web Applications

Whether in the cloud, across an MPLS network or even to local servers, transactional applications rely on a non-blocking network path between the client and server to operate in near-real response times.

Accounting systems, databases, Point-of-Sale, Reservations, Web Apps – all need prioritization in order to complete transactions as rapidly as possible.

The CirrusWorks Governor treats your transactional traffic with priority. Specially designed to handle transaction traffic slow-downs, the Governor expedites the half-duplex data flows associated with today’s web-based applications.