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Company Background

CirrusWorks is the leader in dynamic bandwidth management. The CirrusWorks Governor optimizes traffic during peak congestion periods to ensure fast and reliable Internet performance for all users. Only CirrusWorks employs AutoAlgorithms™ that adapt to unpredictable traffic patterns in real time, without the need to pre-configure static rule sets or policies. CirrusWorks enables organizations to reduce network congestion and provide fast, reliable internet while maximizing their existing infrastructure.

At CirrusWorks, our mission is to improve Internet performance in a simple, efficient and effective way. CirrusWorks was founded by veterans of the technology services industry who saw first-hand the need for better, smarter, faster tools to manage IP network performance. Collectively, they have built businesses that enable digital communications at home, on the road and at the workplace, both domestically and world-wide. They have personally contributed to multiple chapters in the recent history of telecommunications technologies: from the growth of global financial transaction networks, to the expansion of public WiFi networks in hotels. They have witnessed the onset of mobile communications, video streaming and cloud-based systems, all of which require more data, more infrastructure and more and more resources to manage the exponential growth of bandwidth congestion. It was from their experience providing networking solutions in this data congestion environment that the idea of CirrusWorks was born.

Serving a broad customer base including leading education, hospitality and the public sector, CirrusWorks is changing the way organizations manage network performance. CirrusWorks is headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA.

The Cirrusworks Team

John J. McDonnell, Jr.


John J. McDonnell, Jr., has served on our board of directors since October, 2015. Mr. McDonnell is one of the founders and market leaders in the electronic payments industry. He is currently non-Executive Chairman and Director of Phoenix Managed Networks, a privately held payments company, where he previously served as ...

Gareth Moore


Gareth Moore has served on our board of directors since June 2014. Gareth is a Principal at Adelphi Capital, and concurrently serves as a Partner at Ravensdale Capital. Adelphi Capital is a middle-market merchant banking business in Washington, DC. Ravensdale Capital is an investing platform created to make pre-institutional investments ...

David Giannini

Director, CEO

David is responsible for the corporate, capital and strategic direction of the company. He has nearly 20 years’ experience building enterprises that capitalize on emerging technologies, converging economies and disruptive business models. In 1999, David founded Core Communications to provide managed technology and communications solutions to hotels, growing to be ...

Rick Sternitzke


Rick has over thirty years’ experience leading the technical and operational organizations of public and privately held managed network services companies. Prior to CirrusWorks, Rick was the CTO of Swisscom Hospitality Services (, a global subsidiary of the Swiss telecoms company. Rick was co-founder and COO of Core Communications, an ...

Elizabeth Crawford

Corporate Treasurer and Secretary

Elizabeth is responsible for managing the finance and administration of the company. She has over twenty years experience in executive financial management of public and privately held companies. Prior to CirrusWorks, Elizabeth was the Global Controller of Population Services International (, a global non-profit organization providing health services in over ...

Brandon Rasmussen

Director of Business Development

Brandon is responsible for recruitment, development, and enablement of value added channel partners and works strategically with our direct sales teams to co-sell and further our brand. He brings over 10 years of experience in a variety of sales positions and verticals but most recently he led the east coast ...

Rick Uperti

Software Architect

Rick is responsible for software systems design and development, focusing on the data and telecommunications aspects of our products. Rick has over 30 years of software development experience. For the last 12 years, Rick has been an independent software contractor in telecommunications. Prior, Rick was EVP & Chief Systems Architect ...

JD Integrations

Marketing Firm

JD Integrations is responsible for the strategy and execution of CirrusWorks’ marketing function.