optimize bandwidth performance and cost





The Governor™ controls bandwidth consumption on busy, crowded networks,

improving the user experience and saving costs.



Easy to deploy, easy to use


Improves web performance


Saves money on bandwidth and support


Manages encrypted traffic









K-12 Education





Higher Education



Maximize your school’s computer and tablet performance, increase the reliability and speed of online testing and provide teachers with the web connection they need to deliver a wealth of media to students.


The easy to install Governor™ device has been proven to enable fast and reliable Internet in a university environment, especially during peak periods of network congestion, such as final exam weeks and evening study hours.




Shared office users live and die by the quality of their Internet. The Governor™ eliminates bottlenecks and dropped Internet sessions, and offers peace of mind to co-workers and venue managers alike.





Public Sector








The Governor™ tames the chaotic nature of commodity Internet traffic. As a result, the Governor™ eliminates WAN circuit congestion and packet delay, and ultimately improves overall service quality for time sensitive applications.


Local, state and federal governments are turning to cloud solutions, VoIP and BYOD to reduce IT costs. The Governor™ allows you to control data usage for each device on your network without using DPI, and thus maintains security.


Whether your hotel guests are traveling for business or pleasure, provide them with a five-star Internet experience. Our AutoAlgorithms™ prevent heavy data users from impacting QoS at the expense of other guests.